We are not just global or international. We are One

Alliott Global Alliance is an alliance of independent, progressive, mid-market accounting, law and specialist firms. Our member firms are rich with talented and highly-experienced professionals who know their jurisdictions, practice areas, clients and alliance colleagues. The reach of the alliance extends deep into Europe, Africa, the Middle East, North America, Latin America and the Asia Pacific. We are more than just colleagues or members; we are a kinship of professionals
Its member firms are among the leading independent firms in their jurisdictions and specialize in providing advice to middle market companies and high net worth individuals. Expertise is provided with confidence, warmth, simplicity and optimism.
On behalf of the firm, we are pleased to be members of the Alliott Global Alliance. Our firm is positioning itself as a pro-active participant in the global legal business. We now have an opportunity to share business and business ideas with colleagues on a global platform. We intend to forge long standing relationships and collaboration with colleagues within our jurisdiction and beyond our borders. Our Clients have interests within SADC, COMESA and across the globe in China, United Arab Emirates, Dubai, Belgium, United Kingdom and United States of America. Being a member of the Alliance will expand our reach into the regions where we do not have presence. Over and above, we will learn a lot from shared ideas of good business practices, legal services, multiculturalism, and many other forms of collaboration through conferences, trainings as a global family. We will use our resources to strengthen our profile and become more competitive as we provide quality services worldwide.