Constitutional and Administrative Law




What is Constitutional &Administrative Law?

Constitutional law and administrative law relates to matters of state and public institutions as well private individuals.

The firms approach.

Constitutional & Administrative law are inescapable. They provide the basic structure and regulatory framework for every individual, corporation and private or public institution. It is important to understand the constitutional and administrative legal and policy framework of Malawi because these provide for how public organisations and agencies are supposed to operate e.g. when licencing or monitoring corporations, or public procurement procedures.

With one of our senior partners having a post-graduate degree in human rights and democratisation in Africa as well as special advanced trainings in human rights and expertize in constitutional and administrative law or public law generally, our competence in this field is probably second to none. Our wide experience throughout Africa for instance Botswana, South Africa, The Gambia and Uganda allows us to have a wide perspective to understanding constitutional and administrative law and innovative solutions of applying it to further our clients’ interests.

Following the footsteps of Malawi’s liberal democratic constitution, we take an individualistic approach to our constitutional and administrative law practice by advising and litigating on a wide variety of specific issues including:

• Human rights
• Licensing e.g. on environmental legislation
• Review of public authorities’ decisions
• Public procurement procedures


Notable matters

  • We have been able to obtain review of a public authority’s decision to…
  • We were able to acquire an injunction against a public authority’s decision to
  • We have represented public officials in matters relating to…
  • We advised a corporation on how to obtain permits for…