What is contract law?

Contract law is essentially a body of rules and principles governing voluntary principles between persons (this includes both corporations and individuals).

The firms approach.

The law of contract is most likely the bedrock of all commerce, if not the law itself. It is essential in almost every aspect of human life from commercial and land transactions to marriage transactions. With this realization, the firm is constantly expanding its expertise in contracts through seminars, conferences and trainings in drafting, negotiating and litigating contracts and other related documents for instance disclaimers and terms and conditions, acquired within and outside Malawi.

We understand and embrace the diversity of our client-base and seek to address each client’s individual needs such that we have specialists in all kinds of contracts including:

  • Commercial, corporate or financial contracts generally
  • Construction & engineering contracts generally
  • Contracts in land e.g. lease agreements
  • Contracts of employment
  • Contracts for sale of goods
  • Contracts for services
  • Contracts for Bailments
  • Standard form contracts

The firm also works on mergers and acquisitions of companies by drafting documents and providing advice on corporate and contract matters throughout the company’s life cycle. Finally, we assist our clients in corporate structuring and advice on drafting and reviewing of shareholders’ agreements and assisting in the negotiations.


Notable matters

  • We have drafted commercial contracts for banks that is why over… banks and financial institutions trust us to handle their business for them
  • We have advised over…corporations and institutions on various types of contracts
  • We have successfully defended financial institutions on litigation where… was at stake
  • We have successfully claimed…for our clients through the courts
  • We were able to settle a dispute worth…
  • We have been able to arbitrate over a dispute involving…
  • We have conducted mediations over disputes involving…