What is criminal law?

Criminal law relates to public wrongs or offences for instance theft, money laundering etc.

The firms approach.

Liberty is a fundamental aspect of human life. But like almost any other right, it can be limited. One such limitation of this right is through the criminal or penal system. The criminal system does not however, only restrain the liberty of natural persons or human beings. It also restricts the actions or inactions of legal persons for instance corporations. With this realization, we provide a robust criminal law sector aimed at securing the interests of various individuals and corporations.

We are highly competent in prosecuting cases on behalf of our clients as well as defending them where need be, recognizing that criminal sanctions and/or convictions may have certain financial and reputational implications on our clients. Some of the areas we cover are:

  • Advising on financial crimes, and all crimes generally
  • Prosecuting on behalf of our clients
  • Defending our clients in criminal proceedings
  • Obtaining bail from prison for our clients


Notable matters

  • We have successfully obtained bail for…
  • We have successfully prosecuted in a crime of…
  • We have successfully defended and got a corporation acquitted in the crime of…