Energy and Environmental Law




What is Energy and Environmental Law?

Environmental law broadly relates to every aspect of human life, natural and built. It thus cover issues of planning, health, energy etc.

The firms approach.

The energy sector and the environment may sometimes be seen to be in conflict with one another. On the one hand, human development requires fast, constant and efficient energy supply for easy locomotion through vehicles, aeroplanes and trains, continuance electricity supply to run industries etc. and on the other hand, the environment requires proper and sustainable use of resources for present and future generations, and for the environment itself, in its own right. The challenge is striking a proper balance so that the two competing interests do not conflict.

For us at Ritz Attorneys-At-Law, we find the balance by putting into practice our wide expertize in the energy sector and environmental law fields. We guide our clients throughout the life-cycle of their projects with one of our senior partners having had special training and practice with the European Union on Project Cycle Management. We also have at least 4 environmental law specialists at the firm who provide advice and guidance on how to plan for the project and obtain permissions in accordance with prevailing environmental laws. This is essential for at least two reasons. The first is that environmental laws are diffuse and contained in multiple pieces of legislation and regulations. The other is that environmental laws and regulations are constantly changing. For instance now, there are new pieces of legislation of the Environment Management Act and Physical Planning Act. All these reasons and more are why corporations, and individuals trust Ritz Attorneys-at-Law which has a team of lawyers with an energy and environmental law sector-specific practice, to provide them with guidance so that human development does not come at the cost of environmental degradation.


Notable matters

  • We recently represented the Malawi Law Society in an environmental dispute concerning a government project that had effects on the environment.
  • We have advised clients on planning obtaining planning permissions
  • We represent… oil and gas companies
  • We represent…industries