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What Are We All About

Ritz Attorneys at Law provides a full offering of all legal services. We have built a reputation for innovative solutions to complex and novel legal issues in the contemporary world of trade and commerce.

We detail in this Profile our key competencies in [international]banking, corporate law, corporate finance, insurance,public-private partnerships, energy and mining, taxation, competition, and anti-trust laws, communications, transport, and intellectual property, agriculture, logistics, and labor and employment law.

We Are The Biggest Law Firm  in Malawi


With a total staff component of 12 Lawyers, we are the largest law firm in Malawi by headcount. Our Lawyers are held to the highest standards of ethics, integrity, and honesty. Our core strategy is to understand our clients’ needs and offer suitable solutions while acting with the expedition. We practice the law both as a business and a professional service.

We are pragmatic in our approach to making sure that your needs are met in time and at an affordable cost. Our offices are in Blantyre in the Republic of Malawi but we regularly take instructions across Malawi, Africa, and the world at large with ease. We will be glad to offer legal services to you.

Our Corporate profile in Motion
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Driven by the vision to become the leading law firm in Malawi by the year 2023, the firm has grown significantly over the last 7 years with the addition of three Partners and ten Lawyers making it the largest law firm in Malawi by headcount. The firm has been at the forefront of the market in Malawi. Apart from membership of the Malawi Law Society, the firm is a premium member of the Malawi Confederation of Chambers of Commerce, a partnership of enterprises and associations representing all sectors of the economy of Malawi.

In the year 2019, we partnered ourselves with AlliotGlobalAllianceOur firm is positioning itself as a pro-active participant in the global legal business. We now have an opportunity to share business and business ideas with colleagues on a global platform. We intend to forge long-standing relationships and collaboration with colleagues within our jurisdiction and beyond our borders. Our Clients have interests within SADC, COMESA and across the globe in China, United Arab Emirates, Dubai, Belgium, United Kingdom, and United States of America.

Being a member of the Alliance will expand our reach into the regions where we do not have presence. Over and above, we will learn a lot from shared ideas of good business practices, legal services, multiculturalism, and many other forms of collaboration through conferences, training as a global family. We will use our resources to strengthen our profile and become more competitive as we provide quality services worldwide.