What is Human Rights Law?

The law of human rights to the inherent entitles that all human beings have by virtue of being human e.g. right to life, economic activity etc.

The firms approach.

The constant application and presence of human rights in everyday activities cannot be overlooked. They are present in practically every aspect of human life from commerce and trade to family and domestic matters. With this realization, we guide and advise our clients on how to properly comply with human rights issues while still being able to develop and grow their business and enterprises. We have the competence and expertize to fulfil this mandate because we have lawyers who have studied international human rights law and practiced it. In addition, we are one of the few law firms that have a senior partner with a post-graduate degree in human rights and democratization in Africa and has practiced before international tribunals such as the African Commission on Human and People’s Rights. Our experience in human rights thus extends not only domestically, but internationally as such we help our clients in structuring their organisations and formulating and implementing policies that are human rights friendly. This has helped our clients to develop their brands and prevented unwanted and unnecessary loss of business and good will or reputation. Our passion for the enforcement and regulation of human rights is also shared by our client base some of which are Non-governmental organisations responsible for the promotion and protection of human rights.

Our advice and litigation expertize includes the following:

  • Formulating company policies and regulations in accordance with prevailing human rights norms
  • Assisting companies in the implementation of policies and principles on human rights
  • Advocating and promoting human rights


Notable matters