Land Law and Real Estate




What is land law?

Land law refers to not just land as an object, but also includes the things permanently attached to it for instance houses and various types of buildings. It also covers issues of mortgages and charges.

The firms approach.

The importance of land as a natural resource cannot be overemphasized. It is the very essence of the construction and real estate industry, agricultural enterprises, and pretty much everything else. With the shift in land-related legislation that is happening in Malawi, there is need for legal services that offer the best in-depth understanding and practice of Malawian and international law in relation to land and real estate matters. Our integrated team of land and real estate experts guide clients throughout every stage from compliance with environmental laws and regulations, planning and zoning laws, surveying laws, and other relevant regulations, all the way through to obtaining planning permissions, developing land and buying or selling real estate.

Realizing that customary land composes the majority of land in Malawi, we guide our clients through how they can obtain leases of customary land and develop such land or indeed any other type of land in Malawi. We provide a global perspective to land and real estate having had worked in various jurisdictions within and outside Africa e.g. Botswana, South Africa, The Gambia and Uganda. We advise and represent clients on matters such as:

  • How to acquire leasehold or any other forms of acquisition of private land
  • How to acquire leases of customary land or customary estates
  • Obtaining funds for real estate development
  • Using land or real estate as security for loans e.g. mortgages and charges
  • Buying and selling real estate
  • Construction and engineering
  • Hotels, hospitality and leisure


Notable matters