What is the Law of Tort?

Tort law relates to private wrongs and remedies for such wrongs e.g. for personal injuries due to negligence.

The firms approach.

The law of tort encompasses a variety of aspects from personal injury, through employer’s liability, defamation, nuisance to negligence. At the core of the law of tort is the recognition that one should be held to account for damage that she or he causes to another by trying as far as possible to remedy the situation e.g. by compensation or an apology. Our excellent negotiation and litigation skills come in handy to ensure that justice is done by finding creative ways of resolving issues for instance in defending corporations and institutions. Our areas of practice in this field include:

  • Negligence issues
  • Employer’s liability
  • False imprisonment
  • Malicious prosecution
  • Defamation
  • Public and private nuisance
  • Personal injury 


Notable matters

  • We successfully claimed compensation for the former President of the Republic of Malawi in a defamation suit
  • We successfully defended a corporation in an employer’s liability suit worth…