Ritz Attorneys Corporate Profile 2019



Thank you for giving us the opportunity to present to you our Corporate Profile [the Profile]. In it, we share with you our passion, vision and competences.

Ritz Attorneys at Law provides a full offering of all legal services. We have built a reputation for innovative solutions to complex and novel legal issues in the contemporary world of trade and commerce. We detail in this Profile our
key competences in [international] banking, corporate law, corporate finance, insurance, public private partnerships, energy and mining, taxation, competition and anti-trust laws, communications, transport and intellectual property among others.

With a total staff component of 13 Lawyers, we are the largest law firm in Malawi by headcount. Our Lawyers are
held to highest standards of ethics, integrity and honesty. Our core strategy is to understand our clients’ needs and offer suitable solutions while acting with expedition. We practice the law both as a business and a professional
service. We are therefore pragmatic in our approach to make sure that your needs are met in time and at affordablecost.

Our offices are in Blantyre in the Republic of Malawi but we regularly take instructions across Africa and the world at large with ease. We will be glad to offer legal services to you.




Lusungu Gondwe
Managing Partner
Ritz-Attorneys -at- Law