What is Taxation Law?

The law of taxation is concerned with taxes and revenues.

The firms approach.

Much like the air we breathe, taxes are an inescapable part of human life. For everything we earn, we are obliged to pay tax to the government. The law however allows people to “avoid” (but not “evade”) taxes where possible. Recognizing the need to ensure that our client’s interests are secure and that they incur as little tax as possible in their business transactions, we have a dedicated tax lawyer who handles such issues. We thus guide our clients on how they can legitimately establish and operate their businesses so as to minimize taxes and maximize profits. Where need arises, we also litigate on behalf of our clients in tax matters. Our range of expertize includes:

  • Asset finance
  • Tax based and structured finance
  • Real estate and investment funds
  • Tax investigations


Notable matters